Since self-confident individuals can keep a cool and quiet levelheadedness in the hours of emergency, they are better at examining circumstances and can imagine their partner’s situation. Along these lines, they get their partner’s idea and understand their conduct.

Self confidence

Set aside the effort to explicitly state your objectives.  A marketable strategy may sound overwhelming, yet it is actually just objectives, techniques, execution and a spending plan. Compose your own marketable strategy and update it basically every year.

Think deeply before you act. Avoid using damaging or injurious statement to people. What you don’t like, don’t do it to others. Be friendly, be compassion, love your enemies. Be Godly in your character. Do not cheat on others, be accommodative and love your neighbours. 

Good self control
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Olla Kwara State

Olla Community in Kwara State

.The people of Olla Community in Kwara State are very proud of their race, culture, religion and values. They are part of the giant Yoruba race. Culture is the way of life of the people.

The Yoruba People

The Yoruba Race

.There were two main movements into Yoruba land. One towards Ekiti, Ife and Ijebu in the dense tropical forest, two towards Oyo in the open northern forest. The movement probably started between AD 700 and AD 1000.


Success in School

Many students will just sit quietly in the class during lesson. They always seem not to be interested in what is going on. It is not a good way of learning if you are not active in the class.