Differences between Secondary School and University

Differences between Secondary School and University

If you have passed through the secondary school and the university, you will probably know the differences between secondary school and university. The list here is not exhaustive; it is just to point the basic ideas which may also depend on the way you look at it.

  1. A professional

In the university, you focus on a particular profession; you want to be in life. This is different with that of secondary school, in which you seems to combine many subjects.

  1. Freedom

You are free in the university than in the secondary school. In the secondary school you receive punishments for lateness to school, to class  and for submission  of your home work. Not many lecturers will overburden you with all these in the university. However, you take responsibility for your failure and success. You manage your own free time, you set your priorities and fend for yourself. Even though mom and dad might be texting or calling you to be of good behavior, but more responsibilities fall on your shoulder.

  1. Different Environment

In the university you encounters different environment altogether. The structures may be strange to you or different to what you are used to. The lawn, good road, the field and other structures are also expected to be different.

  1. Different class structure

In the university, classes do not meet every day as in the secondary school. In the secondary school you attend class from Monday to Friday. And you stay in one class for all your lessons, except possibly during practical class. In the university, there may be days you don’t have to go to classes. Class sizes also differ.

  1. Teaching

In the secondary school, the teachers are very generous and lenient about the way they interact with students. Students are spoon-fed at the secondary school level. And at that level the method of impacting knowledge (teaching) is most by inquiry method that takes care of the individual differences in the class. Lecture method is mostly used in the university and you are expected to cope, although lecture method is not always used in isolation. The system assumes you are more responsible and eager to learn. Your professors may not even know your name unlike in secondary school, if they give assignment they may not even ask you. In all these you are expected to follow your schedule regularly and do what is expected of you.

  1. Learning Complexity

Foundations are laid for the different profession at the secondary school level. When you get to the university you learn complex and in-depth of materials. You are expected to learn all that is required by your syllabus. Many of them will look like different study materials entirely.

Finally, do not forget that the university required more responsibilities, and to keep learning, you must stay focused

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