How to make money from small books

Introducing The Essential Guide To Making Magic With Mini E-Books And Short Reports.

What I’m offering you is the result of years of experience and trial and error. And when you check out Mini E-Book Gold Mine, it’s a time-tested model you can use to establish your presence, build your mailing list at warp speed and then your sales will follow… through giving away your own free report!


Mini book
Mini book


75 Pages, Letter-Size, PDF Format, Instant Download

So Here’s What You Will Learn in this Mini Book

  1. How to use an 8-20 page mini report to be your vehicle to maximum exposure, maximum leads, and maximum profits – even though you’re going to give away for FREE!
  2. How to maximize your affiliate commissions with the same mini literature, allowing you to smack other average affiliates down to ground zero!
  3. How to position your report to be unique and bribing visitors into joining your mailing list!
  4. All of what you need to get started on chalking out your own Mini E-Book – no guesswork involved! (Hint: they are mostly free and low-cost resources!)
  5. How to dispense your expertise and credibility into your free report easily – making people offering you the first utmost best impression!
  6. How to uncover and tap into red hot niches – this is especially a “must know” if you haven’t decide what niche to be in. As the saying goes, “half of the battle is won simply by choosing where to fight”!
  7. The best way to format your Mini E-Book for professional impression and easy reading your reader’s part!
  8. How to create your own super pre-seller Mini E-Book in less than 24 hours!
  9. How to get your friends or experts to create the content for you willingly!
  10. Tap into the ghostly resource of automatic writing as used by TOP Internet Marketers you and I know of today!
  11. The single most powerful strategy of compiling reprint rights articles yet still maintain the credibly expert status!
  12. How to use the two “P” resources in building your FREE report in less than a couple of hours!
  13. How to ride the modern wave of the future and go high-tech with your Mini E-Books, leaving other Report writers deeming themselves “old school”!
  14. How to strategically position your Mini E-Book to be the ultimate lead collector for your mailing list while you spend your free time anyhow you like!
  15. Secret: What makes people pass your report around willingly without you having to beg them to do so, in effect creating a viral result for you!
  16. A comprehensive list of E-Book directories you can submit your free report to for maximum exposure!
  17. How to use FREE and low-cost advertising methods in getting the word out about your free report and get your returns more than you imagine – may it be leads, credibility and sales!
  18. The common Mini E-Book mistakes you should avoid doing – it’s for other novice marketers to reinvent! But not for you!

And much, much more! This is barely scratching the surface.

All the good stuff told…

Exactly WHO Benefits The Most From Mini E-Book Gold Mine?

You… if you’re a new comer to the Internet Marketing scene and need to build your credibility and establish your presence.

You… if you’re an affiliate marketer and are looking for more effective ways to scoop those handsome commissions other than relying purely on Pay-Per-Click and using cookie-cutter web sites.

You… if you want to explode your sales into incredible proportions!

So How Much Is Mini E-Book Gold Mine?

If you can make $1,000.00 from the techniques as thought in my manual, then it’s well worth $1,000.00. And if you can squeeze up to a 1,000 leads into your mailing list as a result of using the methods taught in Mini E-Book Gold Mine, that’s equivalent to $100.00 in co-registration lead fees assuming you pay 10 cents per name!

While those are examples, the profit potential is virtually unlimited and it’s decided by how BIG you want to go. But I want to make this manual readily available to you, so instead of charging you $97.00 (which is still far less than the kind of returns you can get from this manual), Mini E-Book Gold Mine is yours to keep for only USD 5:00

With my manual, you can significantly cut down on the number of mistakes you reinvent and the counter-productive guesswork you have to make.

That’s correct. I’m very confident in the quality of my manual and I’m staking my reputation on it.

Absorb the information. Get started with your first Mini E-Book and market as instructed in the manual. Check out your results in your leads and sales. I am very certain this is what you’ve been looking for.

If for any reason whatsoever – you’re not satisfied or feel it’s not what you’re looking for – delete the manual from your computer hard drive, email me and I’ll refund every single cent of your purchase. No questions asked.

You CANNOT lose.

The delivery process is automated and you can receive the manual instantly upon purchase so it doesn’t matter even if it’s 2:00 AM in the morning. So order right now and you should be on your way to building your list and making money in fashion through the magic of giving away free reports (and you’ll find out how to that in a flash)!

Mini E-Book Gold Mine
Price: USD 5:00

Warm Regards,

Sunday Adeniran

P.S. Don’t forget that your purchase is backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. There is nothing to lose but all to gain! Order now.