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How to Get Good Self-Control

It is good to have self-control over all our actions. We must have self-control. Control your likes and dislikes, control your emotions. It is to stand firm on certain positive actions that interest us. It is difficult for people to resist many temptations, since they see alluring views as appetizing to them. Many temptations are often difficult to contend with but they must be opposed. It is human to have temptation; it is also human to resist it. 

Think deeply before you act. Avoid using damaging or injurious statement to people. What you don’t like, don’t do it to others. Be friendly, be compassion, love your enemies. Be Godly in your character. Do not cheat on others, be accommodative and love your neighbours. Be ready to learn naturally through the processes of self-development to reform your behavioural conducts.

Regain your soul and self-improvement to gaining control of self in order to enhance consciousness. You must control your anger. There has long been an abundant of debate about how to control anger. Understand yourself and control your anger. Self-control essentially concerns development of self.

When we have control of our soul and self, then we can learn the steps to purify the heart condition and reform the heart so that it leads us to self-discovery.

We all recognize the need for nutrition, exercise, love, etc, but could not see the need to worship. It is reasonable for us to put our faith in higher source rather than depend on self and man alone.  You need spiritual development and spiritual emancipation.

Not all things you cannot see are not real, no. There are many things you cannot see today, but are existing. You don’t have to see something for it to be real. The vast majority of people in the world think that in order for it to be real, one must see. If this was the case, then the many planets the scientists are just discovering will not be real. God is real.

In all these cases, we must reform our mind and body so that we come closer to soul and self.

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