Meaning of the Concept Learning Disability

Learning Disability

BY ASCENTWEB · PUBLISHED 03/03/2018 · UPDATED 03/03/2018

The struggle to formulate a definition of learning disabilities has continued since the inception of the field. The term learning disabilities has been defined in the following ways:

Children with learning disabilities are those who have educationally significant discrepancies among their sensory motor, perceptual, cognitive, academic or related developmental levels which interfere with the performance of educational tasks.

Children with learning disabilities are those who manifest an educational significant discrepancy between the estimated academic potential and the actual level of academic functioning as related to dysfunctioning in the learning process.

The first approach is cause oriented, the second is an effect oriented. Those  who look at learning disorders from the cause oriented approach attempt to identify the source of the observed behaviours.

On the other hand those who take the second approach are primarily concerned with analyzing, describing and modifying observed behaviours regardless of the underlying causes.

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