My Name is Dr. Sunday Adeniran. I am a teacher by profession, a researcher, a blogger and a mentor. I like seeking new knowledge and information to do good things. I had my education at the Federal University of Ilorin Nigeria where I have P.hD. in Science Education in 2011. I have taught at different levels of education in Nigeria. I also have many publications to my credit. I started blogging because of the passion I have for it and because I want to reach positively to the world. I now use this medium to encourage people on what can be done for better achievement in schools, homes and places of work. I believe in “learn, work and improve”. Reach me at Objectives of this Blog.
The purposes of this website are the followings. Support learners to improve performance. Support every individual to make the best use of their life. To encourage people to be optimistic about their lives, To explain how people can develop skills that will enable them to grow in life. To guide those looking for the good things in life. Relate the history of the people to their success. Appraise a success story.

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