Complex Man

The Complex Human

Human beings are very complex in behaviour and developed from a single fertilized cell, called ovum that emanated from the female sexual organ.

Division of the cell into two started after fertilization. As divisions continue several and at different times, certain groups of cells become different to form particular tissues or organs.

Some cells form the skeleton, muscles, heart and blood vessels others the red blood cells which carry oxygen in the blood to the tissues and yet the white blood cells which protect the body against infections.

The cells of the brain and nerves were also formed by other cells. Every cell has the information necessary to perform its role. The information partly comes from the father’s side as transmitted in the spermatozoon which fertilized the egg.

The other half comes from the mother’s side in the substance of the fertilized egg.

The information needed by the cell to perform a particular function is contained in the twisted strands of a substance found in the nucleus of every cell. The strand is called chromosomes.

Chromosomes are made up of long string of several million beads called genes. The genes are composed of twisted strands of chemical called Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

Each cell in the human body except egg cell in the woman and the spermatozoon in the man, contains 46 chromosomes. Forty-four of these chromosomes control all our physical characteristics and our body functions, these are the autosomes. The other two determine our sex.

The two sex chromosomes can be identified. The smallest one has Y shape  and is called Y-sex chromosome, while the other has X shape and is called the X-sex chromosome. Each of the millions of cells which  make up a woman’s body has  44 autosomes and two X chromosomes. A man cells have 44 autosomes an X and a Y chromosomes.

Every man is different, every woman is different and every man and woman are different.

To be continued…

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