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Olla Community and the Ololla Stool

BY ASCENTWEB · PUBLISHED 26/01/2018 · UPDATED 25/08/2018

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The people of Olla Community in Kwara State are very proud of their race, culture, religion and values.  They are part of the giant Yoruba race. Culture is the way of life of the people. Olla people recognize themselves as part of one great tribe of Yoruba race, for the development of one people bounded together in love.

It is important to regard Ololla stool as being of great significance to the people bounded together in culture and origin.

The significant events of the age have constituted themselves into a massive challenge to both the young and old indigenes of the community. The issue of the clans to Ololla stool is of more importance today to explore, at least for educational purpose.

Alla is also a community in Isin and have rich history.

This article was written passionately for educational purpose.

Peace be to Olla community. 

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