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Olla in the Light

Olla in the Light

BY ASCENTWEB · 05/12/2018
Sunday Adeniran
It was another raining day. The day was set for a very heavy downpour as different parts of the road from Omu Aran was full of water. The two wipers on the screen of the car have almost been overworked by removing falling water from the windscreen of the car. The tarred road led to a town, Olla in Kwara State, Nigeria. This article saw Olla worshiping idols at the onset but Olla is now in the light of Christ hence Olla in the light.

Olla in Isin LGA of Kwara State

Isin Local government Area in Kwara State of Nigeria comprises several towns and communities of which are Isanlu Isin, Ijara isin, Owu isin, Iwo, Oke-Aba, Oke-Onigbin, Alla, Edidi, Odo-Eku, Oba, Iji, Pamo, Oponda, Igbesi, Eleyin, Kudu-Owode etc. To the north of Isin are Igbaja land, Ora land and Ireland; to the west are Ajasse Ipo and Oro; to the east are Oro-Ago and Olla and Osi in Ekiti LG; while to the south are Apa land, Arandun and Omu-Aran.Olla actually featured to the east of Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State. The people are mostly farmers and traders while at home but different professions at different places of the world. Read the location map of Olla
“The car stopped in front of the house and we quickly moved in. After the initial exchange of greetings with the occupants of the building, all appeared to be quiet.”
Except for the rain, the town too was quiet and cool. The town has not witnessed any turbulent act for ages, a very peaceful environment. The people remain one despite the individual differences.

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    Pls what is Oriki of Bolohunduro compound in olla

    The full oriki pls

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      Thanks Bisola for contact. I’m working on your request.

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