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Rules for Success in the Classroom

These are the rules for success in the classroom.

You can also read more by reading about things expected of you in school.

It is a good thing that you know the rules of the classroom to keep you informed. Also be informed that your teachers are not angels and can get angry at you when you misbehave.

  • Lateness to Class

Make sure you do not come late to the classroom. Many teachers will not allow lateness for any reason.

  • Dress Well

Dressing is becoming an act. Many people can guess who you are by your dressing. Protect yourself by covering yourself well. Dress neatly and simply as a student. Obey the dressing code of your school.

  • Comportment

When coming into the class, walk briskly and have a good disposition. When you are in the class, exhibit good comportment.

  • Turn  off Your Phone

For every lecture, turn off your phone or any ringer. Do not receive phone call nor send text message in the class.

  • Head Phone

Before you enter the class, remove your headphone from your ear. If you are handicapped let your teacher be aware.

  • Take Note

When in the class, makes sure you have your writing materials: note taking exercise book, or your electronic learning material and writing Pen or Biro as the case may be. Learn how to take note in the class and always do.

  • Be Active      

Many students will just sit quietly in the class during lesson. They always seem not to be interested in what is going on. It is not a good way of learning if you are not active in the class. Ask questions or answer questions. Participate in any individual or group activities taking place in the class. Be engaged actively in the class.

  • Be Friendly

Be friendly with your subject teacher and students. You have no reason to hate anybody.

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