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BY ASCENTWEB · PUBLISHED 16/12/2017 · UPDATED 29/12/2018

Exciting Couple

One of the best avenues for you to learn is to take a bus around the city. The drama inside the bus is always not a small thing to behold. I was taking a bus back home after visiting a busy part of the town. At a particular bus stop a couple in their 90s(or older) came in. We had to be patient with them because, it took each of them time to be able to get into the bus. At a point a lady sitting close to the door had to be helping each of them in.

One thing many of us notice was that they preferred to sit together inside the bus. They were old. At the point of getting down from the vehicle, the old man came down first, but he stopped to help the old woman out of the Bus. Cautiously the two of them gathered their way to the side of the road. A girl that sat near them showed great interest in the two of them. She prayed that she too will get married and live long like them. It was interesting.

Hope for the Poor

This day 08/03/2016, I went to a Bus stop to get to school. As I entered a bus, I met two people quarreling with the driver. He has refused to allow four pupils to enter the bus. The reason was that each two want to “lap” or sit on the lap of the other, so that the four pupils will occupy space meant for two people. But because of the petrol scarcity the driver insisted that the pupils should not go inside the bus. When they could not enter the bus, they started leaving before I could called them. But suddenly a young woman called the pupils and said she will pay for the two of them. But before they could be called all the space were occupied except for two. A man sitting beside me in his 80s volunteered to come down to give space for one of them. Those of us that were younger insisted that he must stay. Finally, one other student beside the door decided to come down for the pupils, and the four pupils have their transport fare paid for them. We took off and we arrived.

Just Another Day

I thought the day Friday 7, Dec. 2018 will be like any other day as I set out that day to do few things in Makurdi a city in Benue State, Nigeria. My first call was an office where I went to renew my driver’s license. For those of us that prefer to stand clear of problems, we want to do our best to obey the law of the land, even in difficult times.

I set out early enough, it was only few people before me in the renewal office and the reception was encouraging. But yet I had delay. The internet could not connect in good time.

Then the political lords started their discussions and persuasions about Nigeria election. I cautioned myself not to dabble radically into their talk. And you know as usual, every electorate has his few of a candidate or ‘nothing’.

When it was time, I collected my printout and went to the Bank for payment. In the Bank, it was the same problem of ‘taking your turn’. I waited again as seconds turn to minutes and minutes to hours.

In the Bank, I took delight when I saw through the glass window, two doves making their nest just at the back of the window. Each time they jumped out and back, they came with grasses clamped at their beaks. They must be male and female doves. They must have jumped in and out for at least twenty times as I continued to watch them on the queue before I lost concentration on the two doves. Who taught them and where does the skill come from?

Again I collected the printout from the Bank and hurriedly left. I will have to come and complete the licensing issue next Monday.

This time I was getting tired and desired for a drink. So I went to a small shop for the soft drink. Just then I saw a madman standing infront of the shop and keenly looking at some food items. I told the seller to give him bread to eat. The woman obliged.

The woman took a good bread out of the lots and while pointing at me handled it to the madman. The madman collected the bread from the woman and violently threw it at me. I have to quickly move to one side to evade his anger. The man started brandishing his muscles and inviting me for a fight.

I have to sneaked and ran out of the shop. I completely got out of that environment and to home safe.

Minutes as I sat, I started recalling the event of the day. The thought that came to my mind was it’s just another day.

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