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What are those things Expected of you in School

This table of contents break down what you will read in this article.

  1. Those things that are expected of you in school
  2. What to do in each case
  3. How to overcome challenges that may arise

These are the the things expected of you in the school.

There are lots of things you are expected to put in place for you to have a good grade in the school. These are just few of them.

  • Don’t have Negative Mind

Constitute positive characters in all your dealings. Do not have negative disposition that students always fail in your school, remember you come from different background. And that certain action will definitely lead you to your success. When you start exhibiting certain actions, your grade may start going down. Be warned!

  • Be Open Minded

Be willing to try new things; every new thing that can help your study. Your school is an avenue for you to know those things needed for your age. Learn every day.

  • Join a Study Group

This may be far better than studying alone. But you must carefully select the members of the group you belong to. When you are in a group discussion, participate actively. Ask questions and answer questions. Group discussion should be a serious business. You should never join bad group.

  • Have Self-Discipline

At the university level, you have more freedom from your parents. You must exercise discipline to do what you are supposed to do at the right time. Students must run away from ladies, alcoholic drinks, dangerous clubs and any other habits that can affect your grade.

  • Motivate Yourself

You must find motivation to make your learning effective. Remember you will soon graduate and be in control, yes very soon. Endure all the demands of your training today for a better tomorrow. Motivation will increase your CGPA.

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  • Use of Technology

I also want to encourage you to know how to use your laptop or tablet or handset to download learning materials for your study. The tendency today is that most students abuse the modern technology for learning by using them to watch porn or football or any other things that can distract their attention from their learning. Take advantage of the resources in your school.

  • Early Registration

Pay your school fees and register on time. Most schools will provide duration for registration, follow the schedule. During registration take balanced course load. Do not register for more than what you can cope with.

  • Attend Classes and do Home work

Attendance to class should be compulsory for you. Attend classes on time, even when your teacher is not taking class attendance. Take note in the class and partake in class discussions. Be attentive always. Always turn in your assignment as scheduled. Let your teachers recognize you by your hard work and not by being lazy or stubborn.

  • Improve Your Education

  You are in the school to learn and to make good grades at the end of your programme. Your education is paramount to all and you must work hard to achieve success. Anything that will hinder your success must not be allowed to happen to you.

  • Find Help

  Whenever you need help, look for it where you can find it. Sources of help depend on the type of help you need. You may need help in the use of library, internet centre, health centre, counseling centre, in your course or project. In all these you must learn how to consult relevant authorities about your problem. This approach may go a long way in increasing your performance.

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