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Take up the Challenge be the Master of your Life

“Don’t waste your time on a good mistake, learn from it and be the master of your life”. Mastery of life.

Your life on earth is not the beginning nor will it be the end. This life is expected to teach you what you should know, your joy and sadness. You are expected to go through the learning process and learn. You do go to school to learn and take tests. During learning you must be patience with the teacher, come to class promptly, cooperate with the teacher and give him the desirable respect. During test you do not ask somebody to take the test for you. Such is life. When you take the test and passed you moved to a higher level. In school you need to persevere and endure all the agonies of learning.

Also take it that this life is like a school and must endure all the cruelties of life as you learn. Examination is also coming at the end of this life and you must prepare for it. In life all that you need to master your life is provided for you. You are to work hard to master this life. This life is to prepare you for the next world. The way you spend your life goes a long way to determine which level you will go – eternity or hell.

A person faces many challenges as he passes through this Earth. These challenges and tough situations actually are to help a person to realize his actual potentials. Many of these situations can make or break a person. In times of crisis, the individuals may tend to lose his sense of rationale thinking. We should all realize that the process of self-searching requires a lot of patience; you need to build your experience.

It is important for a person to realize his inner self before trying to understand other people or learn about the behaviour of other people. It may take a lot of hard work and conscious efforts before a person can openly accept his faults and work to improve them. Accepting your fault means you have reached high level of maturity.

Many things are involved in shaping our lives. Our mental health also plays a very important role in shaping our inner self. If a person is in touch with his spiritual self, he will definitely know how to tackle problems in his life more effectively. And this is the only way a person can achieve self-fulfilment.

Self-fulfilment is also a very important factor in a person’s life. Any individual who is not able to achieve self-fulfilment will find it extremely difficult to derive satisfaction from any work that he sets to do.

The process of self-development should start very soon in life instead of the old age.

Do not allow your weakness to weigh you down, make it your strength. Suppose you wish you had put more effort in your classes, and that would have made you to ranks higher. May be you are also thinking that if only you could turn back time and avoided the mistakes you made in your business. Yes we know all these, you aren’t at the position you would have wished to be. But this doesn’t mean you have to keep wasting your time on your past failures and mistakes. You see, you don’t learn to walk by following rigid rules. You learn by doing and making mistakes. If you have never make mistakes then, you have not started new thing. Again some of you will pick holes in this little material, but I am developing myself and will be getting better. It is better you learn from this and make your own better, please.

This world is a place to learn, so learn well.


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